(by Zoe Mulford)

	Build up the bonfires -
	  now the seasons turn
	We-lcome in another year and
	  let the old one burn
	Build up the bonfires,
	  light the candles bright
	Al-l the hungry spirits will be 
	  coming by tonight

Light the bonfires -
  another year has flown
G-ather friends around you,
  don't spend the night alone
Sweep out the courtyard 
  to greet the coming year
La-y a handsome table -
  your visitors are here

	Build up the bonfires ...

Here come your sorrows, 
  all your old regrets
E-v'ry broken promise and 
  every unpaid debt
Perched on your shoulder 
  yearning toward the flame
Pour them a glass of whiskey and 
  greet them all by name

	Build up the bonfires ...

Now make them welcome -
  offer them release
O-ffer them atonement and 
  pray they may find peace
Give them your blessing but 
  do not let them stay
B-eat on the cans and the pots and pans and
  send them on their way

	Build up the bonfires ...

recording: Zoe Mulford live (2014) [YouTube]

notes: album liner notes [Zoe Mulford]