(by Jon Boden)

Reapers in the whitened harvest
Beggar on the hill
Doctor, lawyer, preacher
Swallowing a bitter pill

	From the fool to the wise man
	From the floodplain to the dam
	When the hard times come knocking
	We do what we can

Pilgrims on the road to glory
Near the six drowning cries
Redemption's dream forsaken
Drifting in the clearing skies

	From the fool ...

Distant figures on the mountain
Whispers on the breeze
False prophets warnings
Heralding our disease

	From the fool ...

Take the seeds out to the garden
Sow them in the soil
Split the wood we gathered
Happiest when we toil

	From the fool ...

	    From the rich man to the beggar
	    From the devil to the man
	    When the thunder comes rolling
	    We do what we can
	From the fool ...

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