(by Andra Herzbrun Horton)

Lambs are a-bleatin' and the weather's gettin' warm
Coats are gettin' shaggy on the old sheep farm
Give them all a haircut, store the wool away
Make them into mittens on a rainy day

	From the wool from the sheep, 
	  it was sheared, it was carded
	It was spun, it was dyed, 
	  it was hung and sorted
	Wound into skeins 
	  until it could be knitted
	Into clothes to keep us warm 
	  through the winter

Berries from the bushes make the reds and blues
Onion skins for a browner hue
Boil them up in water, stir the wool around
For the fine rich color that our Nature found

	From the wool from the sheep...
Fall is a-comin' and the trees are wearing gold
Hillside's a-blaze and the air turns cold
We look upon our mountain with wonder and with pride
Time for knitting sweaters by the fireside

	From the wool from the sheep...

Snow is a-falling and the drifts are like dunes
Late night skiing in the bright full moon
Toasty and snug and never feeling better
Than we felt that night in our mittens and our sweaters

	From the wool from the sheep...

recording: Cecily Mills (in three-part harmony) [YouTube]

recording: Sally Rogers [YouTube]