(by Bob Franke)

It's so easy to dream of the days gone by;
It's a hard thing to think of the times to come.
But the grace to accept every moment as a gift
Is a gift that is given to some.

	What can you do with your days but work and hope?
	Let your dreams bind your work to your play.
	What can you do with each moment of your life,
	But love 'til you've loved it away,
	Love 'til you've loved it away.

There are sorrows enough for the whole world's end;
There are no guarantees but the grave.
But the lives that we lived and the times that we spent
Are a treasure too precious to save.

	What can you do ...

As it was so it is, as it is shall it be,
And it shall be while lips that kiss have breath.
Many waters indeed only nurture love's seed
And its flower overshadows the power of death.

	What can you do ...
	What can you do ...

recording: Bob Franke (live, 2018) [YouTube]

interview: Bob Franke with Mark Steele (2018) [Vimeo]