(words by Lynn Arnold, music by Colin Cater)

In the cold of the year, I would shovel snow, in the 
  days when I was young,
Strength in my back, powerful core, and 
  never a muscle sprung.
When the plow guys came with their pickup trucks, and their 
  sanding attachments, too,
With arrogance born of youth I said, "get 
  lost, I don't need you!"

	Many times a year, payment for the plow guy,
	To keep the driveway clear, salt and sand it, too.
	Many times a year, payment for the plow guy,
	To speed the plow until the winter's finally through.

Well, the wind did blow and the sky grew dark, and the 
  snow from heaven did fall,
And little Jack Frost spread out his cloak, and the 
  drifts grew amazing tall.
When the storm was done, I shoveled for hours, from the 
  road right up to the door,
And when all was finally cleared away, of 
  course it snowed some more.

	Many times a year, ...
But my body now is all changed around, a 
  slave to advancing age,
And parts give out every now and then as I 
  move through each life stage.
Gone is my strength, my stamina, too, and as 
  time goes on I've found
That my back goes out if the things I lift are 
  over half a pound.

	Many times a year, ...
But there's strength in full-size pickup truck with 
  four-wheel drive and chains,
There's strength in hydraulic plowing blades, and 
  fancy powertrains.
Clears the driveway out in a wink of the eye, saves my 
  aching back and neck,
When the contractor comes to speed the plow, I 
  gladly write the check.

	Many times a year, ...

recording: Town Common Songs (video produced by plow guy Pete DeMarco) [YouTube]