(by Daisy Black)

Not long ago we shut the gate to our green and pleasant land
To all who didn't earn a wage of 25 cold grand
We called their labour low-skilled, we called their labour cheap
And now they're all that's standing between us and the long sleep.

	So clap for the key workers (but don't vote the Tories in)
	Clap () for the carers but don't believe the hype and spin.
	Perhaps when this is over we'll rethink what we call 'skilled'.
	It's not the city men who keep our sorry stomachs filled.

At 8 PM one evening the whole city rang with cheers
But months ago we voted for the ones who stoked our fears.
Key workers risk their health and minds to serve 'til they're worn thin
They keep our country moving but we won't move ourselves for them.

	So clap for the key workers ...

With bin men paid a pittance as the council's on its knees
Hand santiser now beyond a home carer's daily fees.
Shop workers can't afford to stockpile toilet rolls and beans
And the food bank's looking emptier than our leading party's schemes.

	So clap for the key workers ...

Make face masks for the nurses, make scrubs from fabric scraps.
But don't ask why we need to plug the NHS's gaps.
Make Facebook posts of gratitude, cry 'protect our NHS'
But don't you dare ask who it was that got us in this mess.

	So clap for the key workers ...

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