(orig. David Dodds, adapted Will Quale)

	I can hoe, boys, I can rake it out
	I can haul the stones, I can dance and shout
	I can hoe, boys, gravel fine and dark
	I'm a labourin' man makin' space to park

Oh when Monday comes, well, I do admire
As I sit at home by my own wood fire
Then it's off for a pint at the Killigrew
For to work on a Monday that would never do

	I can hoe, boys, ...
Oh my housemate Ben, he's a strapping guy
And he shovels stones just as well as I
'til the two o'clock church bells ding and dong
Then we'll head to the Common to belt out our songs

	I can hoe, boys, ...
When I'm dead and gone, this I know full well
I'm not bound for heaven: I am bound for hell
On my hoe and shovel Old Nick he will remark
And he'll set me to movin' stones for his own carpark

	I can hoe, boys, ...

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