(by Antonia of the Holy Modal Rounders)

Come won't you walk with me, Griselda,
Wearing your dress that moonlight shines through.
I am a sad and lonely boy,
Since your mother said I couldn't see you.

	Slipping through the woods in the dark of the night,
	Calling to the moon up yonder:
	Oh lady moon, won't you shine your silver light,
	And lead me to my Griselda.

Do you recall last night, Griselda,
Learning the lessons Nature taught us?
Watching the fish jump in the lake; [splash!]
It was lovely till your mother caught us.

	Slipping through the woods ...
Moon flower vine upon on your window
Gives me a foothold for my climbing.
I got a rowboat on the lake; [splash!]
Moon is out and all the stars are shining.

	Slipping through the woods ...
I got a jug of wine Griselda.
Why should you waste your time in sorrow?
Hold out your hand and have no fear;
If we're caught, I'll marry you tomorrow.

	Slipping through the woods ...

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Recollections of Cammy Kaynor:

I want to say something about that song... the Holy Modal Rounders made it popular, but I first heard it at Pinewoods in 1977. Greg Boardman was lying on his back, I think drunk out of his gourd, in a little cabin at Pinewoods, playing it on his concertina and singing, and I just fell in love with that song in that moment. And he and I and Bob Childs, and Michael Havey, we started the Minotaur Morris ... and we got the name Minotaur Morris Men because John Dexter called us "a bunch of riderless horses" when we were dancing.

I really got to know Bob Childs and Greg Boardman at Pinewoods in the summer of 1977 when we joined with Michael Havey, Steve Matterly (I think), John Van Sorenson, and Peter Temple (caller for Sheehan's Reel to form a side named the Minotaur Morris Men. John Dexter was teaching a class in Ducklington [the first time it had been taught in America] and he had called us a bunch of riderless horses which spawned the name. Michael Havey (an artist made buttons for our hats that said Minotaur Morris - "First Ducklington in America" when we went on a field trip tour).