(by Dave Carter)

On a sleepy endless ocean 
  when the world lay in a dream,
There was rhythm in the splash and roll, 
  but not a voice to sing;
So the moon shone on the breakers 
  and the morning warmed the waves
Till a single cell did jump and hum 
  for joy as though to say:

	This is my home, 
	this is my only home.
	This is the only sacred ground 
	that I have ever known;
	And should I stray 
	in the dark night alone.
	Rock me, goddess, 
	in the gentle arms of Eden.

Then the day shone bright and rounder 
  'til the one turned into two,
And the two into ten thousand things, 
  and old things into new;
And on some virgin beachhead 
  one lonesome critter crawled,
And he looked about and shouted out 
  in his most astonished drawl:

	This is my home, ...

Then all the sky was buzzing 
  and the ground was carpet green,
And the wary children of the wood 
  went dancing in between,
And the people sang rejoicing 
  when the field was glad with grain
This song of celebration 
  from their cities on the plain:

	This is my home, ...

Now there's smoke across the harbor, 
  and there's factories on the shore,
And the world is ill with greed 
  and will and enterprise of war;
But I will lay my burden 
  in the cradle of your grace,
And the shining beaches of your love 
  and the sea of your embrace.

	This is my home, ...

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