(by David Dodson)

There is a land (there is a land)
high on a hill (high on a hill)
    Where I am going, there is a voice that calls to me

The air is sweet (the air is sweet)
the grasses wave (the grasses wave)
    The wind is blowing away up in the farthest field

	Walk with me and we will see the mystery revealed
	When one day we wend our way up to the farthest field

The sun will rise (the sun will rise)
the sun will set (the sun will set)
    Across the mountains and we will live with beauty there 

The fragrant flowers (the fragrant flowers)
the days and hours (the days and hours)
    Will not be counted, and peaceful songs will fill the air 

	Walk with me ...

I know one day (I know one day)
I'll leave my home (I'll leave my home)
    Here in the valley and climb up to that field so fair 

And when I'm called (and when I'm called)
and counted in (and counted in)
    That final tally, I know that I will see you there 

	Walk with me ...

Oh my dear friends (oh my dear friends)
I truly love (I truly love)
    To hear your voices lifted up in radiant song 

Though through the years (though through the years)
we all have made (we all have made)
    Our separate choices, we've ended here where we belong

	Walk with me ...

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